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Hi there!

Thanks for visiting the new New York New Jersey Springbok Club website.

Our goal here is to provide a central hub for South Africans in the tri-state area that goes far above and beyond what our FaceBook page does. We hope to be an informative, entertaining and helpful hub for those of us in the South African community.

When moving to the USA, especially New York, it’s crucial to have a community to lean on who have done the hard work of figuring out how to make it in the concrete jungle of New York. That’s why we are here! Our community can help answer questions, point you in the right direction, and give incomparable insight into how to get settled here. That being said, the community here is always looking for some friends to have biltong and beer with!

We hope this website accomplished what we have set out to do. If you have any suggestions, then please reach out to us!



About The Author

A veteran NY/NJ Springbok Club member, Mark has been in the US since 2001.

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